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Specializing in custom design and diamond education, this independent Canadian Jewellery brand uses your ideas and dreams to create one-of-a-kind pieces that capture the true essence of you.

A custom design haus that prioritizes design and quality, ensuring each piece not only looks outstanding but also lasts a lifetime.

Luna & Co.’s modern designs are the result of three generations of expertise in the industry. We only use the highest quality materials and designs, which are brought to life by highly creative and GIA Certified Designer Mike DiLena.

Crafting with Care and Understanding

Every piece created at Luna and Co. is unique, just like our customers. We believe that every person deserves a one-of-a-kind piece that they can cherish throughout their life and pass down to future generations. Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a loved one, the custom route will always have a deeper sentimental value. Have a glimpse at some of our custom pieces in this video, and book your appointment to start creating your own piece of fine jewellery.

Men’s Rings

Engagement Rings

Education is Key

We only source the finest quality certified diamonds and gemstones. At Luna & Co., we first like to educate our clients from A-Z (and all 4 C’s) when looking to purchase precious stones. Having our clients understand what they’re investing in gives a greater sense of trust and comfort.

What We Offer

Luna and Co. offers the finest quality jewellery that is customized to your liking. Whether you prefer earrings, bracelets, rings or necklaces, we have something for everyone.

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From the very beginning, designing has always been a passion for Canadian Jewellery Designer Mike Dilena. An expert in many design mediums, he decided to focus his talents on creating one-of-a-kind custom luxury pieces that have become recognized worldwide.

Toronto’s GIA Certified Jewellery Designer

The craftsmanship, look and overall excellence of each piece gives people a look into the mind of Mike DiLena and the styles of the clients who have commissioned his work over the years.

Are you ready to start your custom design?

Whether it’s a new piece to add to your collection or a symbol of your love, Luna and Co. is here to create the perfect piece of jewellery for you.
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Tailored To Each and Their Own

At Luna & Co., we understand each of our clients has a different story to tell. We work very closely with them to respect their requirements such as timelines, finances and quality assurance.

As your lifetime jewellers, our priority with clients is to have their unconditional trust. From there, we build a personal portfolio of every idea, design and piece that we’ve collaborated on to have as a reference for current or future projects. This portfolio remains completely confidential in order to ensure each piece is truly one-of-a-kind.

The Five Phases of Luna

Every piece that we create goes through our Five Phases of Luna. This gives our clients an in-depth look into the process that their piece undergoes, from its early design stages to its final touches, and giving them the option to change aspects of their piece in each stage.

Phase One: Discover and Conceptualize
Phase Two: Innovation and Design
Phase Three: Prototyping and Producing
Phase Four: Craftsmanship and Finishing
Phase Five: Qualification and Presentation

Quality, Never Compromised

High fashion takes risks, embraces the unconventional and pushes the boundaries of the industry, all while using the highest quality resources available.

With custom jewellery, there should never be a compromise on quality considering each client is creating this piece to cherish for a lifetime.

With the guidance of our GIA certified jewellers to educate and inform our clients of the possibilities that await them, clients can feel the highest level of comfort while being guided through the Phases of Luna Custom Design Process.
Like some of the most luxurious brands of jewellery available today, Luna & Co. strives to grow its own brand to be alongside the leaders in the industry and plans to have locations in New York, London, Tokyo and many more central hubs around the globe.

How can we help you?

Whether you want to spoil yourself or someone you love, Luna and Co. crafts jewellery that anyone would be lucky to have.
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Diamonds and Gemstones

When selecting diamonds and gemstones, Luna & Co. has access to over 10,000 diamonds, ranging from .10 carats to over 5 carats, cut as round brilliant, heart-shaped, cushion cut and everything in between.

Each diamond we select for our clients comes with the most highly recognized diamond grading report in the world; GIA Certification.

Having a GIA Certified Diamond ensures our clients that their grading report is an accurate representation of their diamonds carat weight, colour, clarity and cut grading.

Our precious gemstones are sourced from the top suppliers in Canada and the United States, also ensuring only the highest quality, natural stones available on the market. Our selection of precious gemstones is as large as our diamond catalogue, and range from Sapphires, Rubies, Emeralds, Tanzanite and many more.


Michael Dilena

When commissioning art, the client must have complete trust and comfort with the artist. Designer Mike Dilena has been creating art through countless mediums during his life, from painting to drawing, writing to playing instruments and photography to 3D modelling. Receiving many different certifications, most recently his certification in New York by GIA for Jewellery Design, he is recognized by many institutions for his ability to create.
Mike’s life has been dedicated to creating pieces of art that are recognized and appreciated around the globe and creating art for the pure joy and happiness of seeing his clients reactions to a finished piece.
Always striving to push the boundaries of his art, Mike will go above and beyond with his work to give a client something much more than they had originally thought. In his spare time, he is always learning new techniques and coming up with new concepts to design, which he claims is his most loved pastime.

A Diamond Tailored To Your Ethics

The selection of a client’s diamond does not just mean finding the perfect size, colour, cut and clarity. It goes as far as choosing where your diamond comes from.

The diamond experts at Luna & Co. help each client through the process of choosing their stone and go so far as to bring in diamonds from different parts of the world, including Canada so that clients can ensure their diamond is ethically sourced.

If having a mined diamond is not the most efficient choice, Luna & Co. also offers the option to choose from a wide selection of our lab created diamonds, created and cut by the most skilled artificers in the industry.


“Working with the staff at Luna & Co. was an experience I haven’t had anywhere else. They were able to design a custom ring for me and implement the design in an innovative manner.”

Gary C

Gary C

“Amazing experience, wonderful & knowledgeable staff! Love the Division Six line, everyone compliments my Toronto skyline necklace on a daily basis! 🙂
Will definitely be returning!”

Sandra Monaco

Sandra Monaco

“Michael & Sirah were incredibly knowledgeable and patient as they helped me navigate the ring creation process. Their honesty and transparency throughout the process allowed me to have the piece of mind that I was in good hands. His work speaks for itself. We’ll be back to get our wedding bands done!”

Jamile Gee

Jamile Gee

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Whether you’re looking to create an everyday custom piece or start planning for your engagement, Luna & Co. ensures complete comfort and quality during your appointment.

Feel educated in the custom jewellery design process and go through our engagement ring guidebook to have a better idea as to what you’re looking for.
Our appointments can be set up from Tuesday – Saturday from 1 pm until late. If there are specific days our clients can only meet on, we are very flexible to meet those dates and times.

We encourage our clients to set up a second appointment before making any hasty decisions. We find that when creating such a beautiful, custom and well-thought-out design, it should not be rushed.

If you have any ideas, photos or references you would like to have created, please feel free to email us any of the necessary files or give us a call to set up an appointment.