With such a diversity Vaughan’s community, it was the perfect setting for a high end custom jewellery store to open up shop and cater to the wonderful people living in Vaughan. Luna & Co. was created by two jewellery connoisseurs whose passion was not to make sales, but more so to create art through jewellery design that people can truly appreciate for it’s uniqueness and beauty.

Owner Mike, who also lives in Vaughan, has spent the better part of the past decade really studying and understanding the jewellery industry, all while creating an extensive catalogue of beautiful diamond & gold pieces which range from engagement rings, diamond necklaces and earrings, to intricately designed gold men’s rings and even baby jewellery!

With Mike being a GIA graduate, his knowledge on different aspects of the industry, such as gems and precious stone information, understanding diamonds and their grading process and designing different styles of jewellery, there isn’t anything that he wont be able to educate the client in, giving them complete comfort and trust while serving them.

During the grand opening of Luna & Co. Mike was graced with the presence of Vaughan’s Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua, during which Mike had given a very heartwarming and welcoming speech, introducing the mayor of Vaughan to over 100 of Luna & Co’s loyal supporters. Also in attendance was the Deputy Mayor of Toronto Vincent Crisanti, MP of Vaughan Sandra Yeung Racco and Vaughan Regional Counselor Gino Rosati, all of which had a great time talking with the guests in attendance.

Four months later and Luna & Co. is flourishing in its nestled corner of Vaughan on the corner of Jane St. and Rutherford Rd. Serving not only the lovely residence around Vaughan, but around the GTA as well.

Visit Luna & Co. at 9100 Jane St. Unit 28 to see their beautiful selection of custom made diamond and gold jewellery that is sure to keep you coming back!