Luna & Co. gets some California West Coast Love!

Over the holidays, we at Luna 7 Co. took an amazing trip to California! The plan was to land in Los Angeles and take a road trip up the California 1 Pacific Coast Highway. The main reason for the trip was to get inspiration from the landscapes, architecture and lifestyle of the various scenes in Cali and to come up with a jewellery line that was inspired by the beauty we saw. Along the way however, we also decided to take some of our Luna Original Pieces and photograph them at some of the hottest spots in the west coast!

Travelling from Los Angeles to Laguna Beach, we were able to experience the chilled vibe of Southern California and vibrant, constructed landscapes which created a surreal experience considering there is no landscapes or beaches on the east coast that can quite compare. The vibe and landscapes became more natural the further North we traveled, and spots like Big Sur, The 17 Mile Drive and Pebble Beach allowed us not only to gain great inspiration from California’s natural beauty, but provided us with some of the most beautiful photos we’ve ever taken of our pieces, while capturing the pristine backgrounds that Cali had to offer.

The upcoming Cali inspired collection will be unveiled to the public in the summer of 2017 and feature an exclusive selection of finely crafted and intricately designed pieces for everyone to adore. There will also be a small line of silver pieces to be released with our Division 6ix Silver Line to better cater to a wider range of clientele.

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