Men’s Jewellery

Custom men’s jewellery is an art that can be just as striking and intricate as designing jewelry for women. Taking inspirations from each client’s interests, we aim to provide a completely unique look to each piece of men’s jewellery we create. Whether it be a custom men’s pendant, an everyday statement ring, or even a pair of custom made cufflinks, our male clients can feel as though their custom designed pieces will compliment their look & style all while giving off a bold statement which never goes unnoticed.

Luna & Co. provides exceptional service and timeless pieces of custom men’s jewellery.  Specializing in custom design and diamond education, Luna & Co. is an independent Canadian jewellery brand that takes your ideas and dreams to create fashionable jewellery that capture the true essence of you.


  • We help you design and create fashionable men’s jewellery pieces that can be cherished throughout your life


  • We only source the finest quality certified diamonds and gemstones


  • We use the most up-to-date methods to cast the jewellery, set the precious stones and add the finishing touch

When commissioning your men’s jewellery, you can have complete trust and comfort with the designer Mike Dilena. He has been creating art through countless mediums during his life, from painting to drawing, writing to playing instruments and photography to 3D modelling. Receiving many different certifications, most recently his certification in New York by GIA for Jewellery Design, he is recognized by many institutions for his ability to create beautiful and fashionable jewellery.

To learn more about Luna and Co. jewelry design, connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube to stay updated on all the latest pieces we’re working on.