Supporting Local Business in Vaughan!

Our show room is located right out side Vaughan mills shopping center at the corner of Jane St. and Rutherford Rd. Being located in the Vaughan area really feels like we’re apart of a very big family, in the sense that all of the local businesses work together to really push the fact that Vaughan is The City Above Toronto!

Recently we’ve spent much of our free time (albeit not much of it!) visiting and collaborating with local businesses around Vaughan to show our support and receiving much of it in return. One of our biggest local partnerships is with Dolce & Citylife Magazine and having our ad’s published in these amazing magazines. We’ve been featured in the Crown Jewels section of their 20th Anniversary edition of Dolce Magazine, as being the number 1 piece showcased in the feature. They really spend the time to get to know each of their clients and work hard to create lifelong relationships.

We also had the opportunity to go down to Vaughan’s healthiest juice bar; Fresh House Juice bar, and had the pleasure of meeting the owners and employees.We were very happy to learn that they are also a family run business. It was so inspiring to see them so busy and working together as a unit. We were able to test out 15 different flavors of cold pressed juice upon deciding with was our personal favorites, and ended up starting a beginners juice cleanse. This is definitely a place we would recommend if you’re looking for quality and organic ingredients in your juices. They’ve even got a machine which alkalizes the water they use in their juices, giving it even more healthy benefits!

By supporting and collaborating with local businesses, whether you’re a customer or a business owner is the key to bringing life and a unique identity to the community you live in. It also gives you new ideas and perspectives on products which when are mass produced, lose their charm and quality. Let’s all help in putting Vaughan on the map as recognizable and loved cities that are above Toronto!