Luna & Co. on top of the Crown Jewels

Luna & Co. has had the privilege to be featured numerous times throughout Dolce Magazines newest issue. Taking Vaughan and the Greater Toronto Area by storm, we have really made our mark as one of the biggest jewellery stores in the city and the only Custom Design Haus in existence. With our creative custom jewellery designs, state of the art showroom and most of all our expert staff, we can take even the most novice jewellery admirer and create something that perfectly represents their vibe! With a great selection of  luxurious and fashionable diamond sets, and a wide selection of beautiful silver pieces, there is an vast selection of pieces to admire that have come from the creative minds of the stores two designers.

Although we love to design all different types of jewellery, our specialty is our lavishly stunning engagement rings. Coming up with some of the most beautifully intricate designs, these rings are more of a feat of architecture than anything else. By also keeping the structural integrity of our pieces as a top priority, we ensure that our designs will stand the test of time.

Aside from our lovely company advertisement which is featured on page 30, we’ve had the privilege of being showcased in Dolce’s Crown Jewels featured article. This article takes the hottest trending styles of jewellery in Toronto and places them all in one convenient place for jewellery connoisseurs to admire. Having chosen one of our most unique and bold designs, we were lucky enough to have it placed as the very first piece in the article! We are very pleased to be featured as one of Toronto’s most unique jewellery designers and encourage you to pick up and have a look through Dolce Magazines 20th anniversary edition. If you like what you see, please visit our website at or come by our state of the art showroom to see much more!

Luna & Co. Storefront is located at 9100 Jane St. Unit 28, Vaughan, Ontario. Book an appointment with us today and lets start turning your dreams into a reality.