Giving back to The 6IX

Being one of the most recognizable cities on earth doesn’t come easy. It takes many things like world renowned buildings, great professional sports teams, multi-platinum record selling artists, and most of all, amazing people who are diverse in culture! It’s taken Toronto quite a few years to be looked at as one of the biggest and best cities in the world, but we can proudly say that we’ve gotten there!

Division 6IX was created by two jewellery connoisseurs with one goal in mind; To give back to the city that’s inspired some of the greatest artists and people of our time.

We at Division 6IX have not only created a jewellery line geared towards this cities loyal patrons, but we’ve also created a way for LOCAL ARTISTS of Toronto TO SUBMIT THEIR OWN DESIGNS, and have their NAMES AND ART STYLES recognized by OUR CITY.

Also, because every person of this amazing city deserves  to have appropriate clothing and food through our cold winter months, We at Division 6IX will be DONATING A PORTION OF ALL SALES towards clothing and feeding the homeless people of Toronto.

Division 6IX is exclusively sold at:

Luna & Co.

9100 Jane St, Vaughan

OR at