We at Luna & Co. are happy to announce that we’ve begun an Official Blog/Vlog called Diamonds & Donuts! We felt that considering since jewellery is our biggest passion, that it would be best to really reach out to people who are not only our clients, but to anyone who has an interest in jewellery and the lifestyle that accompanies it!


With Diamonds & Donuts, our main priority is to educate people about the world of custom jewellery, going from the different inspirations we use to come up with our designs, to the process which is used to create these one of a kind pieces. We not only educate our viewers on the custom aspect, but tackle the different elements in the industry like diamonds & precious gems, current jewellery trends and grey area topics such as Lab Created Diamonds.


However, we also realized that our lifestyle is largely centered around jewellery and plays a huge part in the types of designs we create and the things we do on a day to day basis! So we’ve decided to take you for a ride and give you an inside look at the life and minds of two very passionate jewellers.


Luna & Co. is located at 9100 Jane St. Unit 28 in Vaughan, Ontario. If you have any ideas of custom jewellery you would like made or would just like to chat, drop us a line at info@lunandco.com and we would be happy to turn your dreams into a reality!